Partial Planning

This option works best for the couple who wants to be present on their wedding day but would also love some guidance to ensure they are on the right track throughout their engagement. Having a professional available at all times to run ideas past and help make decisions will save you so much time and money - let alone stress!

This package is customized fit to every couple but most packages include these three things below. Get in touch with me to see how I can make this best fit with your budget and timeline.

Partial Coordination Personalized Timeline

Personalized Timeline

When should you book your vendors? When do you send out invitations? What are you forgetting to include in your ceremony? I answer all of these questions with a personalized timeline that fits with the length of your engagement (or when we begin working together). You never have to worry if you are missing something or not booking things at the right time. This timeline gives you peace of mind throughout your entire planning process.

Partial Coordination Monthly Checklists

Monthly Checklists

Along with your timelines, I will send you monthly check lists to complete. You can feel confident knowing that if you complete these checklists you are on the right track and can sleep easy! These checklists are filled with budget saving tips, templates to help you make the right decisions, decor ideas and so much more.

Partial Coordination Check In Meetings

Check In Meetings

Depending on how long your engagement is, we will schedule monthly/bi-monthly FaceTime (Skype) calls. These calls ensure you are on the right track and are able to run all ideas past me. I will provide you with encouragement and give you my professional opinion so that you are making the right and best choice. So many couples make uninformed choices and end up having to change things resulting in stress and loss of money. These meetings are amazing because I can basically eliminate this problem for you. For example: many couples are unsure of how long their photos should take and often book too little time. Depending on whether you want a first look, different locations, driving time - I would factor all this in to make sure this very common problem wouldn’t be yours.

Maddie was a true blessing for our wedding. She helped support me along the way with planning and finalizing details. Maddie made me feel at ease. As a control-freak, this can be a difficult task to do. We had a wonderful, smooth wedding and could truly enjoy the day. Hiring Maddie was one of the best decisions we made.
— Sara + Cody

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